Philip's One Blade - Review

Updated: Feb 19

The Philips One Blade is the subject of today's-blog post, where we'll be discussing the benefits of using a One Blade rather then the cheaper disposables.

The One Blade is a great, easy to use (safe to use, cut free shaving) for £32.00 for the standard model, its not cheap where razers are concerned, but each blade lasts around 4 - 6 months it is a cheap option compared to disposable when you consider most are thrown away after a few uses while One Blades are Even Waterproof, (can be used in the shower) so lasting so long and being so good for styling and shaving your facial hair I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to sharpen up their look.

One down flaw is that the blades themselves can be very delicate, so try not to be too rough/accidently step on one cause it will break!

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